Sta. Rosa Garden Villas Phase 8 - AMENITIES

Sta. Rosa Garden Villas is blooming to become one of the most anticipated housing developments that Laguna has seen in a long time, especially among the lower- to middle-income market segment. Another affordable housing solution is available to potential home buyers seeking quality homes with an affordable price tag. However, there are a wide range of facilities and amenities available in the subdivision to enhance the quality of life for its future residents. 

Before delving into the lifestyle and recreational amenities, it is important to look at the utilities available in this community. The entire subdivision is part of a master plan that consists of basic utilities. The house and lot community is also built with a concrete road network. Aside from the concrete roads, the gutters and sidewalks are concreted too. There is also a centralize water system throughout the subdivision to ensure that you can have access to clean water even with emergency water interruptions. Meanwhile, the entire subdivision is built with MERALCO power lines and all of the electrical wirings are provided for in every home once you move in. This will save you the hassle and cost of hiring an electrician to install the electrical system.

When it comes to the unit, the turn over status include the following features: painted exterior, tiled finish on toilet and bathroom, solid concrete floors, pre-painted roofing sheets, steel frame roofing system, firewall breaker, tiled kitchen counters, and primaflex board for exterior ceiling. On some models, there are also provisions for possible 3rd floor expansion. 

The standard feature of the Sta. Rosa Garden Villas is a multi-purpose clubhouse. This clubhouse is a central amenity area wherein homeowners can go to when they want to enjoy some idle time. You can either socialize with other homeowners or enjoy the idyllic landscape around you at the clubhouse. Another use for the clubhouse would be as a social venue. This venue is large enough to accommodate a large number of people for social gatherings like birthdays, reunions, and more. This clubhouse is therefore available for homeowners to use on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Aside from personal gatherings and events, the clubhouse can also serve as a multi-purpose venue for homeowners or community activities.

Another notable feature at Sta. Rosa Garden Villas is the main gate. The main gate comes with a guard house that is manned by security personnel. This is to ensure that you can keep the security level up high within the subdivision. The security of the subdivision will give you peace of mind knowing that your family is safe once you are within the subdivision premises. 

For the children, there is a designated playground for them. The playground area is the best places to bring your kids to if you want them to have fun and play. The children’s playground is surrounded by a rich and lush environment.  Thus, you can encourage your kids to go out and be exposed to the natural environment. You should therefore exploit the environment especially if you want a relaxed lifestyle.

  • Concrete Sidewalk
  • Centralized Water System
  • MERALCO Power Lines
  • Multi purpose Clubhouse
  • Park and Playground
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