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Sta. Rosa Garden Villas is a wise investment for real estate investors and families looking to buy their first home, or upgrade to a new one. This is quickly emerging as one of the top house and lot developments in a city that has seen tremendous growth in the past few decades. 

One of the main reasons for investing in your own property at Sta. Rosa Garden Villas is the reputation of DDC Land – its developer. This real estate company is an award-winning firm that has carved its own niche in a highly competitive real estate industry in the Philippines. They are best known for providing low cost housing solutions to Filipino families. And yet, this legacy is also paralleled by their commitment to build quality homes that will last a lifetime. 

There are three types of unit configurations available at Sta. Rosa Garden Villas: townhouse, duplex, and quadruplex. Thus, you can choose the type of home that would best meet your family’s needs, size, and budget. You can even have the option to expand your property vertically so you can have more living space available. This is an option that would give this development advantage over other residential communities in the area.

With its great location, you will also have access to opportunities and lifestyle destinations that would enhance your quality of life. Sta. Rosa Garden Villas by DDC Land is proof that you won’t have to compromise on enjoying a quality life when you opt for affordable housing. DDC Land has masterfully delivered quality homes at affordable pricing and great location!

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